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Harley-Davidson : Knucklehead/sidecar FL 1947 FL Harley Davidson Knucklehead w/Goulding Sidecar

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We find the most interesting Harley Davidson For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for Harley-Davidson : Knucklehead/sidecar FL 1947 FL Harley Davidson Knucklehead w/Goulding Sidecar for sale on the Internet.

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Harley-Davidson : Knucklehead/sidecar FL 1947 FL Harley Davidson Knucklehead w/Goulding Sidecar Picture(s) and Description:


I AM AUCTIONING THIS BIKE/SIDECAR FOR MY BUDDY BRUCE THE SECOND OWNER. IT HAS A GOOD STORY AND IT IS UNRESTORED & 95% ORIGINAL. Most old bikes have a mysterious past, lost in the annals of history. Through neglect,the passage of time and abuse most bikes change hands many times over and are “restored” to better than new condition. This one is different, we know the whole story as told to us by it's current owner, who purchased it from the original owner in 1985 in ORIGINAL CONDITION. The story of this bike as told to my buddy Bruce in 1985; Joe, upon hearing that Japan had attacked the United States, sold his old 1934 Harley and enlisted to fight the war. He loved this country, his wife and his old hog but he may not see them again as he headed off on a troop ship to fight fascism abroad. It was a different time. People did their duty. The enemy had the good sense to wear uniforms different than ours and they stood toe to toe and lost. Even though Joe survived he had fond and painful memories of brothers he had lost on distant shores. He was one of the lucky ones, he got to return to his home, wife and job at Ford Motor Company in Detroit. Joe had felt that his days of riding his Harley were over and it was time to “man up” support his wife and work hard to build for their future. He came to grips with his responsibility, but in the back of his mind it gnawed at him that his passion for the freedom of the road could never be expressed again. On June 26th 1947 Joe was sitting on his porch watching the world go by and a shiny new Harley Davidson FL went cruising past the front of his house. He was fine with the decisions he had made in life but could help but feel that pang, that indescribable longing feeling a porch bound true biker gets when he sees someone go by with their knees in the breeze. To his amazement within moments the motorcycle reappeared from the opposite direction and pulled into his driveway. The rider dismounted and approached asking if his name was Joe. He replied “yes” at which point the rider reached into his leather jacket and pulled out an official looking document and asked for his signature. Joe was taken aback, he had presumed it was a subpoena for some yet to be determined court appearance. He contemplated fighting the guy but instead he perused the document and found out it was the title for the brand new Harley Davidson. Unbeknown to Joe, in an act of faith, his wife had scrimped and saved during his war effort and put a deposit on a new, bike so that when civilian production (in the old days everything came to a standstill while the enemy was engaged)resumed she would be one of the first to take delivery of a brand new Harley Davidson FL from Dot and Earl Robinson's Harley Davidson dealership in Detroit. Joe couldn't believe his good luck. All his dreams would be realized after all! Unfortunately they were his dreams and not his wifes, she wanted nothing to do with riding on the back of that rig and so as a compromise they purchased a sidecar, and all the available foul weather gear so she would join him in relative comfort. Year after year, Truman, Mcarthy, Eisenhower, Blue Jeans, Korean War, James Dean Month after Month, Freeways, Sputnik, Transistors, Howdy Doody Advances came in and became obsolete in a blink of an eye but one thing Joe cherished and refused to part with was that Knucklehead and what it represented to him. Vietnam, Nixon, McDonalds, Mustangs Beatles. None of it had much effect on Joe as long as he had this reminder of all the things he believed in and cherished. Consequently he rode it routinely. Led Zepplin, Bell Bottoms, Petrocks, Watergate, Nixon, Ford, Carter Over the years disease and age robbed Joe of the strength to reliably kick start the bike but still he clung to it and kept it in his garage. Eventually he came to realize that it was over. His end was near and he wanted the dream to be passed on to someone who appreciated it. This is were my buddy Bruce shows up. My buddy Bruce is the most hard riding motorcyclist I know. He loves his Harley Davidsons but he wears them plumb out. He does well for himself and in 1985 he wanted to buy a bike for the ages, he wanted a Harley that he could keep in the house and only ride occasionally. He has the same heart and passion for Harley and the American dream that Joe did so when he heard Joes story he was hooked. When Joe found out that Bruce had no intention of customizing this rig, that it would remain “as is, as rode” tears came to his eyes. Bruce took the bike home and put it in his house (the sidecar stayed in the garage) and took it out once a year to ride it in the local Memorial Day Parade to honor Joe and all of the fallen brothers and sisters that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Bid on it now and continue the story yourself! THIS AUCTION INCLUDES 1947 Harley Davidson FL 1947 Goulding Sidecar/w/cover Winter Fairing Leg Guards Buddy Seat/helper spring Goulding coffee table book featuring bike Original Title Saddlebags All Questions Email Bruce at barobertson@ameritech.netBRUCE WILL CRATE AND HAVE A HI-LO READY TO LOAD THIS BIKE/SIDECAR FOR $400 The Condition of the bike, 1)General, There are small scratches and dings here and there on the bike. The bike was ridden 22,490 miles and shows the small amount of blemishes one would expect from a bike with far fewer miles and far fewer years (the bike was manufactured 10 years before Bruce was born) if you want a perfect concours d'elegance restored bike this is not it. This is an honest unrestored bike, Joe even had the unmittigated gall to use small amounts of rustoleum to do small scratch touchups on THE ORIGINAL PAINT. 2)The Engine, Bruce (a machinist and mechanic by trade) took the motor apart in 1986 to put in new gaskets and seals. History and passion are one thing, oil on your pantleg during a hot summer parade are another. All of the parts were original and within specification. He used aftermarket gaskets and seals as Harley no longer supplied them. 3)Chassis a) The muffler is a reproduction. b) The wiring, mostly original, some of the wires had deteriorated and Bruce replaced them with the correct cloth covered color coded tracer wiring. c) The rubber on the bike is all original except the kicker pedal. d) The saddlebags are slightly dry and the surface is checked as one would expect from a 63 year old leather product. One of the decorative conchos is missing. 4) Sidecar This was the original sidecar that was purchased immediately after the bike. It is a Goulding brand instead of a Harley because the dealer Dot Robinsons maiden name was Goulding and they were considered to be as good or better than Harleys factory hacks at the time. This particular bike and side car are featured in Ron Raes (Dots nephew)book on Goulding Sidecars as it was the best sample of this sidecar he could find. Years later when Dot was asked about this bike she remembered Joe and his wife fondly. This nice coffee table book comes with the bike. http://www.motorcycleshopper.com/articles/goulding.htm This is a picture of the actual bike and sidecar featured in this Goulding Sidecar book. a) Reupholstered seat b) Original leather armrest, derby cover and windshield bumper c) Replacement windshield d) Slight wear and tear on the sheet metal BRUCE WILL CRATE AND HAVE A HI-LO READY TO LOAD THIS BIKE/SIDECAR FOR $400 MISC. CHASSIS SHOTS


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